Police Housing

Considering the stressful nature of their job, the basic purpose of providing government accommodation to the police personnel is to free them from the worry of finding low-cost accommodation on rent. This has picked up considerable momentum in the past five years with funds being provided under various government schemes. The construction of new houses is now undertaken mainly by the Kerala Police Housing and Construction Corporation (KPHCC). In the past three years they have constructed 733 houses for lower subordinates and 288 houses for upper subordinates; the construction of 1979 houses for the lower subordinates and 301 houses for upper subordinates is underway.

There is also a Kerala Police Housing Cooperative Society which has helped thousands of police personnel construct their own houses.

An important welfare scheme is the Kerala Police Welfare and Amenity Fund which is supported by contributions from the members and annual grant by the government. The Fund provides loans to police personnel below the rank of Inspectors for various contingencies, and scholarships to their wards, etc.







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