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The history of Indian police association was startes by the end of 1970’s. due to the emergency period of 1975 and its consequences on police force lead to the formation of various police association in different regions of India by the period of June 1979 several police association where formed from here and there but unfortunately most of the association where destroyed themselves or collapsed by other means.This situation necessitated a serious thought of the formation of police association in Kerala. The first G.Secretary of kerala police association was K.T George Francis and the president was V Aravindhaksha Menon. The first state convention on kerala police association was held in Thrissur town hall on September 27th 1981.


During the formation of Kerala police association, Kerala police was going through a pathetic situation, that lead the association to develop 30 avkasha rekha and the avakasha rekha was submitted in a special convention on April 9th 1980. and its appreciatable now that the 30 avakasha rekha has already allowed. and now the kerala police association has undertaken several social services like Eye & Blood donation, Kudumba Sahaya Nidhi etc..




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